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Democracy and Political Spectrum

Information about Greece and Greek Policies

Greece and the EU

Greek European and Foreign Policy Institutes

The Greek Economy

Greece’s New Infrastructure

Technology, Research and Development

Greece and the Environment

Greek Culture

Greek Language

The Greek Diaspora

Olympism, the Athens Olympics and Sports in Greece

Travel, Tourism and Lifestyle

Search the Greek Internet

Telephone Directories


Democracy and Political Spectrum


·         The Greek Parliament: http://www.parliament.gr   

·         The main Greek political parties websites:

PASOK: http://www.pasok.gr/en,

Nea Democratia: http://www.nd.gr,

Synaspismos: http://www.syn.gr/index/en/enmainframe.htm

Communist Party of Greece: http://www.kke.gr/kke_en.html.

·      The Greek Constitution: http://www.cecl.gr/English/hellenicconstitution.htm 

·         ­­­­The Elections 2000:


Information about Greece and Greek Policies



·         “Greece Now”: http://www.greece.gr

·         George Papandreou - Minister for Foreign Affairs: http://www.papandreou.gr/papandreou/content/indexpage.aspx?language=0

·         National Statistical Service of Greece: http://www.statistics.gr/Main_eng.asp



Greece and the EU


·         The official website of the Greek EU Presidency: http://www.eu2003.gr

·         Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Greece and the EU:


·         The Greek Presidency of the Eurogroup (July 2002 - June 2003) web site:


·         The Greek Presidency of the European Security and Defence Policy website : http://www.esdp2002.mil.gr

·         Community Support Framework Management Organisation: http://www.mou.gr

·         Anna Diamantopoulou - Greek Commissioner at the EU: http://www.diamantopoulou.gr/indexe.htm

·         The European Commission Representation in Greece: http://europa.eu.int/hellas/tools/info.htm

·         EU Agencies based in Greece:

European Agency for Reconstruction: http://www.ear.eu.int

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training: http://www.cedefop.eu.int


Greek European and Foreign Policy Institutes


·         Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy: http://www.eliamep.gr

·         Hellenic Centre for European Studies: http://www.ekem.gr

·         Institute of International Relations: http://www.idis.gr

·         Centre for European Constitutional Law: http://www.cecl.gr


The Greek Economy


·         Ministry of Economy and Finance: http://www.ypetho.gr/ypourgeio/en

·         The Hellenic Center for Investment: http://www.elke.gr

·         INVgr (Invest in Greece): http://www.invgr.com

·         Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry: http://www.acci.gr/en_index.htm

·         The Athens Stock Exchange: http://www.ase.gr/default_en.asp

·         HELEXPO Thessaloniki: http://www.helexpo.gr

·         The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki: http://www.ebeth.gr/eb/index.asp?Lang=En

·         Hellenic Chamber of Shipping: http://www.nee.gr

·         Federation of Greek Industries: http://www.fgi.org.gr

·         The Bank of Greece: http://www.bankofgreece.gr/en

·         Ôhe Hellenic Bank Association: http://www.hba.gr/English/index_en.htm

·         Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A. (OTE): http://www.ote.gr/e-index.htm

·         Greek Business Network: http://www.greekbiz.com

·         Institute of International Economic Relations: http://idec.gr/iier/aims.htm

·         Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research: http://www.iobe.gr


Greece’s New Infrastructure


·         The Athens new Airport: http://www.aia.gr

·         The Athens new Metro: http://www.ametro.gr

·         The “Egnatia” project - A motorway across Northern Greece: http://www.egnatia.gr

·         The Rion - Antirion bridge: http://www.gefyra.gr


Technology, Research and Development


·         General Secretariat for Research and Technology: http://www.gsrt.gr/default_en.htm

·         Greek Research and Technology Network: http://www.grnet.gr

·         National Technical University of Athens: http://www.ntua.gr/en_index.htm

·         National Hellenic Research Foundation: http://www.eie.gr/eie-english.htm

·         National Centre for Social Research: http://www.ekke.gr


Greece and the Environment


·         Ministry for the environment, physical planning & public works: http://www.minenv.gr

·         Centre for Renewable Energy Sources: http://www.cres.gr/kape/index_uk.htm

·         Center of Euro-Mediterranean Regions for the Environment: http://www.kepemep-cree.org

·         Greek Coasts on line: http://www.thalassa.gr


Greek Culture


·         The Ministry of Culture: http://www.culture.gr

·         “Domain of Culture” Events: http://www.cultureguide.gr

·         National Book Centre: http://www.ekebi.gr

·         The “Greek Poetry Section” of the Poetry International Web: http://greece.poetryinternational.org

·         “Hellenic History on the Internet”: http://www2.fhw.gr/chronos/index_en.html

·         Modern Greek Studies Association: http://www.hnet.uci.edu/classics/MGSA

·         European Centre for the Translation of Literature and the Human Sciences: http://www.ekemel.gr

·         The Benaki Museum: http://www.benaki.gr/index-en.htm

·         Athens Concert Hall: http://www.megaron.gr

·         Lillian Voudouri Music Library: http://www.mmb.org.gr

·         The National Theatre of Greece: http://www.national-theater.gr

·         The Greek Film Centre: http://www.gfc.gr

·         Thessaloniki Film Festival: http://www.filmfestival.gr

·         Ôhe Hellenic Festival: http://www.greekfestival.gr

·         Ancient Greece on-line: http://www.ancientgreece.com

·         The British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles: http://www.parthenonuk.org  

·         The Acropolis Restoration Project: http://ysma.culture.gr/english/index.html

·         http://www.greekworks.com/english/index.asp

·         http://www.greece.gr/ABOUT_GREECE/RECOMMENDED_READING/rec_history.htm

Greek Language


·         Centre for the Greek Language: http://www.greeklanguage.gr

·         The School of Modern Greek Language at Thessaloniki: http://www.auth.gr/smg

·         Learn Greek Online!: http://didymos.kypros.org/LearnGreek

·         Institute for Language and Speech Processing: http://www.ilsp.gr

·         Translation from and to Greek: http://www.translatum.gr

The Greek Diaspora - Focus on the U.S.A.


·         General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad: http://www.ggae.gr/default.en.asp

·         World Council of Hellenes Abroad: http://www.sae.gr

·         American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association: http://www.ahepa.org

·         American Hellenic Institute: http://www.ahiworld.org


Olympism, the Athens Olympics and Sports in Greece


·         The "Athens 2004" Olympics: http://www.athens.olympic.org/en

·         The Greek idea for a "Cultural Olympiad": http://www.cultural-olympiad.gr

·         International Olympic Academy: http://www.ioa.org.gr

·         The International Olympic Truce Center: http://www.olympictruce.org

·         General Sports Secretariat: http://www.sport.gov.gr/main_en.html

·         The Hellenic Amateur Athletics Association: http://www.segas.gr



Travel, Tourism and Lifestyle


·         Greek National Tourism Organization: http://www.gnto.gr

·         Greek Travel Pages: http://www.gtp.gr

·         Hotels in Greece: http://www.all-hotels-in-greece.com

·         Greece for Visitors: http://gogreece.about.com

·         Greece - Young Visitor's Guide: http://www.neagenia.gr/visit

·         Olympic Airways: http://www.olympic-airways.gr

·         Greek food recipes: http://www.gourmet.gr

·         Athens Guides:

The official Athens municipality: http://www.athens-today.gr.




Search the Greek Internet


·         Go Greece: http://www.gogreece.com

·         Phantis: http://www.phantis.com

·         Pathfinder - Trinity: http://www.trinity.gr

·         Hellenic Resources Network: http://www.hri.org


Telephone Directories


·         InfOTE: http://www.infote.gr




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